About Us

Thank you for taking an interest in Duckville Soap Co and what I have to offer, let me start by introducing myself to you.

I'm Sarah, the big dreamer, the one who said 3 ducks was enough and now look at us! 19 ducks, 4 geese, 5 goats, 2 Anatolian/Pyrenees mix pups and 2 flemish rabbits.

I live in North Eastern Pennsylvania , not too far from Philadelphia/Poconos where my husband (Scott) and I raise our 2 sons, navigate our crazy homestead, run our Twitch DuckvilleUSA stream and I run our small soap business!  I knew we wanted to be more self sufficient and there was no better time to start!

Within the last couple years I have developed a passion for soap making, as a classically trained chef I find calm in creation, the ability to take raw ingredients and turn them into a thing of beauty always fills my heart with happiness. Pouring Soap has truly developed into such a special, personal, creative journey and I am so happy to share the results with you.❤️

I strive to to find balance in my soaps, for those who want less fragrance and more essential oil based bars i have those! for those who love fun, high impact fragrance infused soaps we have those too! don't forget seasonal and some just plain fun soaps, I will always keep those in stock.

If you would like to see the inspiration behind my soaps come join us on twitch:


Ps. you can feed the animals too 😉